JULES  body jewellery

Please go to http://www.bodyjewelleryinc.com for our online shop. 


After usng the name Jules since 1986, we have been threatened by Joules (the high street colthing company) with legal action unless we stop using it, just why is hard to understand, as the 2 names are different, and we both sell very different items, but being such a small business and relying on these sales to feed our children, we cannot afford the time or expense this will bring, so if you would like to have a look at some lovely UK made titanium body jewellery, or a beautiful jewelled belly bar for the summer, please have a look at our shop at http://www.bodyjewelleryinc.com . If on the other hand and in the unlikely event that you have found this page or our website whilst looking for a new pair of wellies or a brightly coloured t shirt with a rabbit on it, then sorry, thats not us, you will have to look elsewhere, thanks!!